Who we are


vTechnology is a young entrepreneurial start-up which seeks to challenge the status quo of today’s IT consulting scene.

What makes us different?

For starters, we believe in delivering affordable and proactive technology that tailored to the operational goals of our clients.

Technology is an invaluable asset to an SME, and our mission is to help you realise all the advantages by making IT services and platforms more accessible.

“At vTechnology, our focus is on SMEs and helping business owners and their staff meet the challenges of technology. Our whole business is people centric; we aim to ease the difficulties around technology–turning it from the big unknown to one that gives you peace of mind. That is why we offer a FREE TIER service so you can test our commitment.

Why do our clients trust us?

Because we are known for delivering high-quality and cost-effective IT services for Small to Medium Enterprises. We make sure to focus on the details of our clients’ service needs so we can provide the solutions that will truly make an impact. We are always looking for the most innovative solutions and services that will give our clients a competitive advantage.

Our clients can attest to the fact that we are transparent, focused and dedicated. If you are looking for an IT partner who knows how to make your technology work for you, call us now.

OUR Client Says