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October 12, 2017 0 Broadband

Are YOU taking full advantage of the Cloud?

Businesses just like yours are expanding their profits by consolidating cloud computing into their business operations. DON’T BE LEFT BEHIND!


How much capital is flying out the door every time your business needs to acquire new hardware/software and/or increase capacity for existing systems? The Cloud offers you the ability to scale On-Demand your storage capacity, compute and networking all at the click of a button.

SMEs are very much aware of the costs of a downtime to their business and some have invested in backup solutions that are supposed to get them operational again if a disaster was to occur. How confident are you that your disaster recovery solution meets your RPO and RTO and most importantly that it works? Do you have the technical knowledge in-house to test your DR solution?

DR is critical to businesses but why worry about all this when you can utilise the Cloud, which by its nature has built-in redundancies. Most of the Cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps for Business has a financially backed guaranteed 99.999% uptime. What is your current uptime on your most critical business applications?

Can you access your business applications online the same way you may access a website? Anywhere, anytime? By utilising Cloud Services, you and your employees will have access to business systems and be collaborative with internal and external stakeholders. Cloud-based applications and business systems allow users to gain access to information from anywhere at anytime.

Now let’s look at where we are and where we are headed!

More than 58% of businesses today use cloud computing for IT related tasks. Many small businesses utilise the cloud without even knowing it.
82% of companies have saved money just by implementing the cloud network in their infrastructure.
More than 80% of the companies using cloud services have shown an increase in productivity within the first 6 months.
By the end of this year, businesses are likely to spend around $13 billion on cloud computing and hosting services, with $180 billion being spent by the end user in 2015.
Cloud computing is giving rise to the cloud equipment industry, the latter expected to reach the $79 billion benchmark in the next 4 years.
14% of companies using the technology have downsized their IT department.
Reported by Cisco forecasting, “the amount of traffic hosted through cloud networks will be tripled by 2017.”

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