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October 1, 2016 0 Broadband

Disaster Prevention: Protecting Your Data in the event of an Outage

The statistics regarding company data outages are quite shocking. Indeed, most businesses that experience substantial loss of data never recover financially from the loss and more than 50 percent of these companies ultimately fail within 5 years.


Although it’s always advisable to take preventative measures to avoid a data failure, it can still happen and your company needs to be prepared for the unexpected.


Whether your data outage is the result of a natural disaster or failures of complex internal systems within your company, the bottom line is that your customers or clients really don’t care about the details. They simply want to see your business back online and delivering the services that they need.

Here are the best ways to protect your data in the event of an outage.


Develop a Data Recovery Plan


If you don’t already have a data recovery plan in place, now is the time to develop one. Creating and documenting your data recovery plan is essential to preventing data disasters.


Enterprise C-level executives need to understand that strong prevention capabilities are essential components of a sound disaster recover plan. A solid approach to disaster defence should include procuring the right hardware and software solutions, fortifying your IT infrastructure against malware, and effectively managing IT recovery and support concerns in the event of an outage.


Utilise Managed IT Services


You should never have all of your systems in one location. Instead, it is ideal to spread out your IT infrastructure geographically.


By taking a managed approach to deploying your IT services, you can ensure that your company has diversified its data locations, therefore improving redundancy. This multi-tiered data loss protection strategy will protect your company against attacks, including DDoS, helping you to  mitigate issues faster.


Conduct Internal and External Audits


You need to utilise managed server services in order to conduct penetration testing and vulnerability scanning on your networks. The potential issues within your systems may be innocent in nature. However, because of where the data lives, it can open your company to risk if an outage were to occur.


By identifying vulnerabilities within your systems, you can do what is necessary to strengthen them before a disaster occurs.
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