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October 12, 2017 0 Broadband

How Cloud Computing Helps Drive Enterprise Innovation

According to a recent survey conducted by IBM and the Economist Intelligence Unit, 67 percent of businesses with revenues less than USD 1 billion (AUD 1.35 billion) have adopted the cloud at some level.

However, the use of the cloud to improve how a business uses its resources really doesn’t tell the whole story of how the cloud can benefit businesses, given that there are only so many costs and inefficiencies that can be tangibly reduced through the use of cloud technology.

In fact, the number of companies that are using the cloud to drive innovation is rapidly increasing. An IBM Institute for Business Value report titled, “The Power of Cloud,” found that 16 percent of survey respondents are using cloud as a tool to innovate.

These findings indicate that the next chapter of cloud computing will involve businesses using the cloud to transform their operations. Here are some important ways that enterprises are already using the cloud to drive innovation.

Big Data and Analytics Make Testing New Ideas Easier

As cloud technology evolves, cloud services are pushing performance barriers, allowing companies to take advantage of big data environments and real-time-analytics. With the ability to process massive amounts of data, businesses can solve complex business challenges faster by leveraging these platforms. Companies are using these insights to create new applications and business processes.

Integrated Systems Drive Creativity

With hybrid cloud environments, businesses can integrate the systems that drive the company’s internal operations with collaboration, email, and social networking tools. This allows employees, vendors, and customers to become more connected than ever before and creates an environment that fosters creative uses of the data that is being collected as a result of these integrations.

Better Resource Management Through Automation

Cloud computing is allowing IT departments to rethink resource management with the introduction of automated provisioning of cloud resources to optimise IT environments in real-time. This not only results in new workflows; it also allows for existing processes to be rebuilt as needed.

Uncover New Opportunities in the Cloud

At vTech, we’ve taken the initiative to help businesses innovate by securing the technology to grow our cloud services, allowing us to deliver unique capabilities to our clients.

With our industry-leading approach to cloud services, we can help you realise the full potential of the cloud for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business to uncover new opportunities in the cloud.

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