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July 6, 2018 0 Broadband

IT Outsourcing: FAQ

IT outsourcing involves the transfer of key operational activities of a business to value-based suppliers. The goal is to reduce the costs of activities that were previously handled by the internal staff, especially development, maintenance, and security.

Consequently, the company is able to then better utilize its existing internal resources to achieve its business goals, thus improving the company’s position in the market from both a strategic and functional point of view.

The most common types of IT outsourcing are offshoring, nearshoring, and onshoring.

What Are the Benefits of Onshoring?

Onshoring is the exact opposite of offshoring in that it refers to the relocation of business process to lower-cost vendors within the same country as the business itself is located. In fact, a close proximity to the host client may actually be considered as part of the onshoring working agreement.

By working in close proximity to the client, onshore vendors can actually deliver the fastest possible service and one that is tailored to the local market.

Onshoring teams almost always share the same language and culture as the client’s company which makes for clear communication and work practices that complement the company better than offshoring.

Onshoring teams and clients also share the time zone, which greatly improves efficiency and allows flexibility in service delivery. Finally, onshoring delivers stronger legal protection as compared to offshoring or nearshoring given that both the company and IT vendor are governed by the laws of the same country.

Why Onshoring Is the More Sustainable Option

IT outsourcing originally became attractive to companies because of the cost savings that it can deliver. However, cost shouldn’t be the only factor when choosing an outsourcing partner to work with.

Secondly, as the costs of IT vendor services in traditional offshore and nearshore locations increase, the argument that these arrangements are always the best options is no longer relevant. Especially, given that there is a growing pool of highly-skilled resources available locally here in Ghana.

If you are planning to outsource, or re-evaluating your current vendor relationships, better communication, close cultural fit, and rapid service delivery times are some of key benefits that onshoring Ghana has to offer.

Finally, companies can also reap major benefits from public relations initiatives by showing that they are keeping jobs in Ghana rather than shipping them overseas.

Why You Should Hire an Onshore IT Partner Now

Decisions about IT outsourcing are rarely simple or fast. However, if you want to improve your business, now is the time to consider onshoring.

There is urgency: you need to protect your intellectual property and it is becoming increasingly frustrating dealing with outsourced vendors in a time zone that is the complete opposite of your home country’s time zone.

Furthermore, if you want to realize a significant ROI and improve your existing operations, it only makes sense that you need a vendor that offers the best fit for your needs. Working with an onshore partner delivers all of these benefits without the uncertainty of dealing with vendors in foreign markets.

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