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January 28, 2016 0 Broadband

vTechnology – Cloud Computing 101

Are you tired of spending too much money on your IT infrastructure or losing jobs because you’re not mobile accessible? Well you are not alone. Technology is getting more expensive and being accessible at all times (mobile) is no longer a luxury but a necessity. That is why today Australian businesses of all sizes are turning to cloud technology for help. From saving money on your IT costs to making your business more productive, the Cloud just makes sense. For small businesses especially – the cloud improves your efficiency, productivity and functionality in all your business operations.

Here is a cool stat- “taking a look at small businesses and the cloud, new data from Intuit reveals that by 2020, 78 percent of small businesses will be ‘fully adapted’ to cloud computing. That’s more than double the current 37 percent adoption rate.”


Why exactly is the Cloud Great for Small Business?

Let us count the ways!



Simply with the cloud, powerful collaboration – everything from exceptional customer service to daily operations is under control and managed professionally. What the cloud does best is give small businesses the ability to operate like a Fortune 500 firm, where clients are informed, team members stay on task and mobile workers function effectively.


Data Control

With cloud computing, small businesses can not only collaborate with ease — they will manage their data better as well. Team members will have access to documents and data in one central location, which ensures efficiency throughout the business day — and beyond, whether in the office or at home on their tablets or smartphones.


24/7 Security

The cloud gives today’s small businesses an expansive platform that is affordable and stores data securely. Having 24/7 data backup security decreases hacking vulnerability and gives a business the best chance of being protected from cyber-attacks. The cloud gives small businesses the ability to operate safely 24/7 with a security system that keeps data safe as it streamlines operations.


Disaster Recovery

Having data in the cloud means you don’t have to worry about power requirements, physical barriers or space considerations— your data is stored and accessible from any mobile device. Basically with a cloud-based system your days of disaster recovery headaches are over. Bottom line – small businesses position their data to survive a disaster.


Contact us to find out more.

Most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire the necessary IT, network, and security experts. Therefore, they find themselves less competitive, inefficient, and more vulnerable. Let the experts at vTech show you the way! We have years of experience with hundreds of small business creating a cloud computing strategy that works and save money. Contact us now for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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